MosaIQ Zoo is a game that can be used by everyone, but it is especially aimed at kindergartens and primary schools. The game combines movement and learning. It can be played both indoors or outdoors, and it is easy to grab and quickly get started.


MosaIQ Zoo is a small narrative about run-away animals in a Zoo. The players are the zookeepers who must help capture the run-away animals. ‘The children are quickly captured by the narrative, and one of the best things about MosaIQ Zoo is that no one is still. Everyone is moving and going at the same time.'

During the game, one can implement one or more of the physical cooperation activities, which are described in the rule sheet. For example, there are activities such as ‘The Crocodiles’ Jaws’, ‘The Monkey is Gone’, and many more. There are activities where cooperation, coordination, and mastering are paramount. The activities contribute to the game’s universe and provide variation on a game to game basis.

The pieces offer many opportunities for play, conversation, and movement. The game concept is tried and tested and is easily adjustable, so it applies to both kindergarten children but also older age-groups. It is durable and tolerate water, wind, and sun.

In conclusion we are very proud to release MosaIQ. Contact us using the form below or buy it using the button.